Neptune Systems Insiders Program

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neptune systemsNeptune Systems’ new Fluid Monitoring Module (FMM) is set to be released very soon, and the company is looking for a small set of customers to give them some final feedback on the software elements for a last fine tuning.
To find those customers,  the company has just launched its innovative new program: NSI – neptune Systems Insiders.

From the website:
“For years we have been inundated with requests to beta test this product or that one. Customers are also always asking for updates on product timelines. We get it. People are fanatical about their aquariums, and many even more so about their apex gear.

With this in mind, we have created this new program, NSI – Neptune Systems Insiders, to engage our most passionate customer base in the early release of our products.

It is not a beta program. It is instead a way for us to hopefully attract and engage customers with new products in the weeks or months before their official release to the general public. From the die-hard programming purists, to the customer that just wants to open the box and have it work with a few clicks, we look to leave no one out of the mix. Selected customers will be given the opportunity to not only be the first on the block to own our released products, but do so at an incredibly discounted cost. The only thing we ask in return is that they use the product immediately and provide ongoing feedback.

Not everyone will be selected, but we will be selecting people of all experience levels, so do not let that discourage any of the noobs out there.”

To apply, simply fill out the online form, HERE

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