NERAC VII This Weekend at Long Island Aquarium!

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Here in the Northeast we have many reasons to look forward to March, some of these involve green beer, others involve the welcome sight of longer days and flowers in bloom. However, for those of us who are self-proclaimed fish or coral nerds, the main reason to look forward to March for the past six years has been the North East Reef Aquarium Conference, or NERAC (lovingly dubbed “NERD-RAC” by those of us who wear the badge of “fish nerd” with pride). Now in its seventh year, it promises to be even more exciting, and certainly warmer, than ever before. The speakers at this event require no introduction, since names such as Julian Sprung, Tony Vargas, Peter Schmiedel, and Sanjay Joshi all speak for themselves. However, if you would like more information regarding this event taking place at the Long Island Aquarium (formerly known as Atlantis Marine World) on March 24, you can learn more here:  The Long Island Reef Association and the Long Island Aquarium have even managed to haggle a discounted rate at the adjoining hotel, Hyatt Place, which is brand-spanking new and incredibly nice. There will be plenty of vendors and some great raffle prizes to boot! Not to mention the fact that any excuse to get out to the Long Island Aquarium is a good one. There is something for everyone, whether you want to stare at Joe Yaiullo’s impressive 20,000 gallon reef tank, pick Todd Gardner’s brain about aquaculture, or check out Chris Paparo’s beautiful macroalgae tank.  I seem to have forgotten the most important part, you can enjoy the beauty of the aquarium and the company of some of the true aquarium greats, all over dinner with an open bar. Who could ask for more?


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