Never Leave Your Couch Again!

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Interior design is not for the faint of heart and when it comes to the placement of an aquarium things can get even more complicated.  Reefers have always had to make a decision between the positioning of their tank and that of their TV, forced to choose between two of their favorite things.  Some resort to placing the two side by side or sandwiched around each other, but no more must you decide which you love more!

British company Picture House, specialising in home cinemas and TV furniture, has created a solution for this problem that defies the laws of physics as we know it.  Now your tank and your TV can occupy the same place at the same time!  Cleverly named “TV Tank”, the unit can be customized to accommodate different sized flatscreens and comes in three different finishes and 16 various colors.  The aquarium version starts at just over $11,000 for the basic setup (not including delivery or installation) and you still need to provide your TV of choice.  The company will also maintain the aquarium for you if you so desire.  No word yet as to whether or not they will adopt my much more creative name for the unit “Movie Square Water Box”.

Here’s a shot of the basic aquarium with the canister filter which could be replaced with a sump that takes up both right side cabinets if you wanted to use it as a saltwater tank.


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