Pieces of the Ocean has done it again! Responding to both buyers’ and sellers’ feedback, the company has created a brand new auction website where everyone can gather to sell and bid on corals, fish, equipment, and anything else related to the reefkeeping hobby! Welcome to ReefnBid.com!

Auctions are a preferred way for many hobbyists to buy corals, and POTO is uniquely positioned to build a platform for it. Over the years, we’ve learned that the key to successful auctions is selections and user participation. No single seller can offer all the corals available in the hobby. However, by bringing more sellers to the platform, it means more selections that will lead to higher participation, resulting in a more successful auction turnout for all sellers.

eBay can be intimidating to navigate due to its broad audience and its long, high fee structure and Facebook groups aren’t the right platform for scalable auctions. While some vendors run auctions on their own sites, it can scatter audiences, resulting in lower participation. Existing auction technologies on the market are designed to be plug-and-play, but they are challenging to work with and customize, leading to poor user experiences. ReefnBid.com solves these problems!

This new website will offer a wider range of selections and a user-friendly bidding process.

Highlights include:

Sniping protection: If someone bids in the last minute, it will extend the auction end time by 1 minute.

Auto-pay: You can save your payment info and let ReefnBid.com automatically charge your card when you win an auction. It uses Stripe, an industry powerhouse in online payment processing, to process payments securely and safely.

Mobile-first: Over 95% of POTO’s customers participate in their auctions on their phones. ReefnBid.com is fully optimized for mobile, end to end.

All won auction items will automatically be placed in your cart, making it easy to check out (for those who don’t have Auto-pay enabled).

Seeing all your favorite vendors’ corals on auction on one site.

And more!

For Sellers

In addition to the benefit of a wider audience for increased participation, sellers can expect to leverage a fully integrated dashboard for order fulfillment, including printing packing lists and shipping labels with either FedEx or UPS without leaving the platform. The seller program is part of the present roadmap currently under development.

Low Fee: POTO will only charge a small fee to the seller when an item sells and there is no charge for listing. If an item doesn’t sell, you don’t pay. During this period of beta testing, the site is completely free for sellers.

The company isn’t rushing to launch the site and expects some issues to arise as everything is perfected. To manage this effectively, they will launch the public beta of ReefnBid.com on August 27, 2023, with POTO as the first seller. Meanwhile, they will continue the private beta seller program, slowly onboarding select vendors, and have a tentative launch date for the public beta of the seller program toward the end of 2023.

Visit ReefnBid.com and subscribe to get the latest updates on the site. Happy hunting!

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