ecotech-marine-vectra-l1A leaked picture from Ecotech Marine shows their new return pump, the Vectra L1.
From this image, we can see that it has a variable output, DC with the new Quiet Drive, and a transformer. I plan to connect this pump to my Vortech with a wireless Quiet Drive controller, which will make it so easy to control.

I don’t have the official specs yet, but looking closely at the transformer, a Mean Well HLG-150H-36A, I can see that it delivers 36 volts, 150 watts, and 4.2 ampere- a lot of power that will surely lead to a great output. Other pumps on the market with similar specs yield about 15.000 l/h of flow, so I do wonder what this pump’s maximum height is, as output and height are always related one to another. You can read more about that in this article.
I am very interested to see how quiet the system will be when I use my Quiet Drive with this new Vectra L1.


In naming this pump the L1, is Ecotech Marine telling us that this is the first pump of many?

What will the price for the L1 be?

These are questions we can’t answer at the moment, so I’ll just have to wait for another leak or until Ecotech Marine will want to tell us more. I hope that we will get more information at MACNA in August this year!

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