Redfish is a new, free to download, ezine published out of Australia, and their first issue includes an awesome article about one of our staple corals, zoanthids. Redfish will be primarily freshwater, but they will be including some articles for us reef geeks as well.

More about their zoa article after the break.

Zoanthids are one of the most common corals in the hobby, and with an endless array of color morphs, nobody can collect them all. They are easy to care for and grow quickly, but what do we really know about them? Redfish’s article covers everything you could want to know whether you’re a beginner or advanced coral keeper.

They begin by covering in detail exactly what zoas are and why they should not be considered a type of colonial anemone. This includes descriptions of just what colonial anemones are which is great information for anyone. Redfish also runs down their taxonomy including details on the 12-15 species of zoa.

Even though they are easy to care for, and most of us have learned how to grow them like weeds, Redfish also gets deep into exactly what they need to thrive. This includes lighting, feeding, placement, diseases and more.


This looks like a great first issue of what is sure to be another useful resource for reef keepers. The July release also includes articles about:

Corydoras sterbai
Bright Lights: Neon and Cardinal tetras
Nimbochromis fuscotaeniatus
Health: Koi Herpes Virus
Zoanthids – flowers of the reef
Spawning the clownfish
Community listings
Goldfish through the ages
Plants for the pond
Fish of Kakadu

To get your subscription to Redfish, visit them on the web at:

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