By: Steve Vavrek The team down at New Life International has yet again come up with another great product. This time, the Herbivores get a turn. Introducing New Life Spectrum AlgaeMAX and Algae/Gel. AlgaeMAX and Algae/Gel use a wide range of aquatic vegetation, including Chlorella Algae, Spirulina, Ulva and Wakame Seaweed and more – 9 total varieties! Most herbivore diets just use a single source of seaweed, like kelp. The problem with that? No one ingredient alone has all the nutrition needed for healthy herbivores. Your aquarium needs veggies in a variety of colors and sources that mimics the plant diversity in their natural diets. In fact, too much kelp can cause digestive problems for fish. MORE: New Life Spectrum AlgaeMAX and Algae/Gel…Worth the Wait

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