aquaforest af power food

Aquaforest, a Polish company that made its American debut at MACNA 2016 in San Diego, is taking the North American market by storm. The company, founded in 1995, offers a full line of products for reef aquaria, backed by years of research and laboratory grade ingredients – including three kinds of salt mixes, a full line of  additives and coral foods, to a wide range of saltwater specific equipment.

aquaforest af power food

AF Power Food is one of a handful of products developed with coral nutrition needs in mind that Aquaforest offers. As part of a coral propagation program developed by the company, AF Power Food is an alimentary coral food in powdered form, made especially for LPS and SPS corals. It comes in a 0.7oz (20g) plastic jar complete with dosing spoon and printed mixing instructions. Aquaforest suggests using one spoonful for every 27gal  (100l) of aquarium water and recommends dosing AF Super Food at night, when the lights are switched off and the corals extend their tentacles to catch passing organic particles.

To learn more about AF Super Food and the rest of the product line Aquaforest offers, go to the manufacturer’s international website at and download their product catalog (in PDF)



aquaforest af power food aquaforest af power food aquaforest af power food

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