I wanted to make this video short and sweet… but that’s not really my typical fashion when it comes to videos is it?
Doing this, adding that, this video got a tad bit long.
Right now, pico and nano tanks are all the rage. While they are cute, fun to set up, and beautiful to look at, they do come with some challenges if you are a lazy reefer like myself or if you are a relatively new hobbyist and not accustomed to or not expecting the huge and fast swings that these tanks can undergo.
Here is what I did and what I intend to do with this tank.
Huge thanks to Shane Lafreniere of 247 Aquariums , Julian Sprung of Two Little Fishies , Steve Berlin of SICCE , @Ryan Snodgrass of Slide-Loc Aquarium Products , Janice DeStefano of Biota Aquariums and @Antonio Gutierrez of Vivid Creative Aquatics , EcoTech Marine for all your help!
Question for you guys: What do you use to clean hard to clean algae like coralline algae off your acrylic panels?
Any suggestions on the name of the tank, or for a soft coral that would be good for this tank?
Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think!
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