New video clip from Fish Tank Kings

Diving deep in a submersible to collect rare Curacao reef fish

We hope you’re ready for more Fish Tank Kings video clips because we suspect Nat Geo will post many more up until the premiere of their anticipated new series on May 12.  Advanced Aquarist has a new video clip to share, which provides more insight into what viewers can expect.

Living Color Aquarium takes us along for an incredible Caribbean fish-collecting expedition in a special submersible operated by Curacao Seaquarium.  The submersible visits the great depth of Curacao’s reefs.  How deep? Over 400 feet!

In the past year, many exotic and extremely expensive deep water fish made their way into the aquarium trade for the first time ever by way of this submersible.  Prior to this technology, fish species such as Lipogramma robinsi, Liopropoma aberrans and Jeboehlkia gladifer have never been collected live before.

Nearly as rare as these fish is the unprecedented access into the process of collecting them.  These types of episodes is where we believe Fish Tank Kings can really shine.

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