Octopus At Seattle Aquarium Makes A Break For Freedom

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[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yez5IwQbTQs&w=560&h=315]

Our favorite Houdini of the ocean has just made another high profile daring escape at the Seattle Aquarium. And I think its fair to say that those visitors at the Seattle Aquarium that day were in for a shock. The aquariums Giant Pacific Octopus decided to take advantage of its open air tank, and see what the world outside had to offer outside those glass tank walls. In this video, you can see the octopus quickly making its way over the open air tank. A resident aquarium staffer comes to its rescue before its too late, or to it’s demise (depending on how you look at it), and pushes the Octopus back into the tank. It certainly had great shock factor for the visitors on February 26, when the proported escape took place, as you can hear the screams and gasps from the surrounding crowd as the octopus attempts to climb out. Surely not an average day at the Aquarium for those visitors. MORE

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