Off the coast of Jacksonville, Florida, Joe Kistel was diving at depths of about 70 feet when he noticed a mass of shells that seemed out of place. Since this is usually an indication of an octopus lair, he went to further investigate. He set up his nearly $12,000 underwater camera and sure enough, our favorite cephalopod crawls out to check out the fancy gadget. All seems innocent as he reaches up as if to take a selfie, when he starts engulfing the camera within his tentacles. Kistel quickly realizes the octopus is removing a gasket – one responsible for keeping water from destroying the camera – and begins an epic tug-of-war. Surprisingly, Kistel won despite the octopus having a 6 arm advantage AND being covered in suction cups. He manages to retrieve the gasket before any damage is done and we get to enjoy the hilarious result. The octopus retreats to his unassuming lair and Kistel learns an important lesson in letting eight-armed, unpredictable sea creatures handle his fancy equipment. More about the story at The Daily Mail.

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