Open Octopus Intelligence Web Forum, Nov. 15th

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Sy Montgomery, author of a recent article in Orion Magazine titled “Deep Intellect” in the Nov/Dec issue of the magazine, will be hosting a free and open web forum on Nov. 15th at 7pm EST.  The event does require registration before hand so if interested, follow this link to submit your information.

What is it like to be an octopus or a bat or any other animal? Montgomery will reopen these and other thoughts from the article during this unique live web event. She will be joined by two animal intelligence experts: Scott Dowd, Senior Aquarist at the New England Aquarium, and Marc Bekoff, well-known author and animal behaviorist.

Sounds like it should be an interesting discussion!


  1. Rich Ross

    This forum, and the article, worry me a little. A lot of anthropomorphism and not enough data.

  2. Jared Goldenberg

    I blame Disney for the rampant anthropomorphism in our society. Whenever I hear someone refer to a fish as either “Nemo” or “Dori” I cringe. I think there’s also an underlying urge to apply animal behaviors to that of humans in an attempt for some to better “understand” them even if there is no real link.


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