Dustin over at ORA just revealed some interesting developments in their captive breeding of Maroon clownfish.  First up is the availability of the striking Goldflake Maroon clown pictured above.  These fish are the result of a very healthy breeding program that has been going on for the past 15 years, but these new Goldflakes demonstrate that ORA has a good amount of data showing that the strange patterns shown in some wild caught clowns will not be passed on to their first generation offspring.

One of the most unusual varieties is what they are referring to as a 24k Solid Gold Maroon, which is the fish above but completely white, like a platinum.  These fish are just reaching maturity now and when their coloration changes from white to gold they will be incredible looking.  Be sure to check out the details on the breeding program HERE and you can expect these new Goldflakes in your LFS in the coming months.

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