LEDs are permeating the hobby and while there are plenty of options to put over your reef, the refugium has been overlooked thus far.  Orphek’s DIF series are the most advanced multi chip LEDs available for your reef.  The new DIF-30C aims to take that same awesome LED technology and apply it to your algae farm.  Multi chip LED technology basically means that there are several small individual LEDs that combine to make a single larger unit which means that a multi chip unit can contain several spectrums allowing for a more targeted profile.  This newest offering from Orphek sports four different chips coming in at 30% 660nm, 40% 730nm, 20% 850nm, and 10% 3,000k.  At only 30w these lights have a much lower draw than what most hobbyists currently have over their refugiums with even less heat transfer.  With Orphek’s optics these lights can effectivley handle a refugium space about 2′ x 2′ per unit.  Orphek is currently working on getting a full spectrograph for this unit and I’ll have an update soon.  Hands on review to come.

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