Pacific Sun launches new versions of their Pandora Hyperion S LED+T5 lighting systems

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Pacific Sun launches new versions of their Pandora Hyperion S LED+T5 lighting systems

The new Pacific Sun Pandora Hyperion S

If you only entered the hobby this decade, you don’t know how good you have it.  No less than ten years ago, reefkeepers had to choose between a handful of bulbs whose controlability amounted to how many on/off timers you could cram onto a power strip. The lighting choices were few and “dumb.”  The struggle was real.

Today, we have an ever increasing, ever improving selection of high powered, highly controllable lighting systems thanks to the veritable arms race between manufacturers worldwide.

Pacific Sun launched the original version of the Pandora Hyperion S hybrid LED+T5 lighting system last April, and they are now set to evolve this hybrid light into its most powerful iteration yet.  Using more T5s and their latest SMT LED technology, Pacific Sun is attempting to recreate the classic “point source + fluorescent” lighting combination that first began with metal halides and VHOs.


Technical Specification:

  • 9 channel SMT (Square Matrix Technology) LED panels featuring a power output of 75W each. Because all LEDs are grouped in small 20x20mm area, the light mimics a point source and reportedly yields a very strong shimmering effect and excellent color mixing.  Read more about Pacific Sun’s SMT LED panel technology.
  • Three to four pairs of separately controlled T5 tubes with individual silver coated reflectors.
  • Bluetooth control via Mac/Windows/Android
  • Advanced proprietary software featuring T5 time usage caluclation, moonlights, and other advanced lighting settings
  • Stainless steel construction with fully concealed screws
  • Pearl white or anthracite black paint options.
  • 3 years warranty for LED panels
  • Compatible with Cube Wifi<>Bluetooth bridge – so native iOS app will be available.

Available Versions:

  • Pandora Hyperion S: 75W + 6x24W | 600mm (~24″) long | 990,00 euro
  • Pandora Hyperion S: 2x75W + 8x39W | 900mm (~36″) long | 1310,00 euro
  • Pandora Hyperion S: 3x75W + 8x54W | 1250mm (~49″) long | 1640,00 euro
  • Pandora Hyperion S: 4x75W + 8x80W | 1650mm (~65″) long | 2090,00 euro

T5 tubes included in price.

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