Pacific Sun’s Kore 5th Magnetic Stirrer

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Pacific Sun's Kore 5th Magnetic Stirrer

The Kore 5th Doser (top) and Kore 5th Magnetic Stirrer (bottom)

At the start of 2014, Pacific Sun introduced a powerful and surprisingly affordable five-channel computerized dosing system, the Kore 5th Doser (read more about the Kore 5th Doser here).  At the end of this year, Pacific Sun is launching the first accessory to make an already robust doser even more so.

Many additives require stirring/shaking before dosing, making dosing systems less than optimal because no dosing system to date is able to mix sedimentation back into solution.  Pacific Sun’s Kore 5th Magnetic Stirrer addresses this problem by adding magnetic stirrers for up to five bottles/containers.  The stirrers are integrated with the doser so they only activate a few seconds before dosing.  The Kore 5th Magnetic Stirrer also serves as an elegant base for the Kore 5th Doser.

The Kore 5th Doser impressed us upon its debut, and the Magnetic Stirrer really elevates this dosing system above any other on the market right now.

Pacific Sun Kore 5th Magnetic Stirrer

MSRP: 99 euro (USA pricing should be similar)
Release date: January 2015



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