Pacific Sun’s new Pandora Hyperion S LED + T5 fixture

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Pacific Sun's new Pandora Hyperion S LED + T5 fixture

The new Pacific Sun Hyperon S

The Pacific Sun Hyperion S employs a new proprietary LED panel that does not include any white LEDs.  Pacific Sun claims the Hyperion S is the first full spectrum LED light that does not use any white diodes. In addition to the 145 watts of LEDs, two 24W T5 fluorescent bulbs allow owners further customization of the color output.

The Hyperion S includes all the bells and whistles of a high-tech LED lighting system such as multi-colored, multi-channel, wirelessly controlled LED unit, all tidily wrapped up in an attractive, slim (less than two inch thick) white housing.  We provide the full general specifications below.


General Specifications:

  • Size: 600x320x50mm (24×12.5×2″)
  • 8 independent LED channels + independent T5 programming
  • 145 watts of LED light
  • 2x24W T5 with parabolic reflectors.
  • Light coverage: Up to 100x80x80cm (40x35x35 inch)
  • “Shallow Water” LED panel technology without the use of any white diodes specially designed for optimal coral growth according to Pacific Sun.
  • Built-in light controller that can be accessed wirelessly via bluetooth.  The fixture also includes a backlit blue LCD Display.  Users can simulate sunrise / sunset, clouds, weather special programs, etc.
  • Supported software: Win 7/Xp/8, Mac OS X, Android
  • External control (PWM or 1-10V signal)
  • Dual “Ultra Quiet” 80mm fans controlled by a temperature sensor.
  • Mounting: Hanging kits or Pacific Sun “Spider” mount





Pacific Sun has remained tight lipped about the exact specifications of their new mutli-colored LED panel, but what we know is that the Hyperon S includes the following LED colors:

  • UV (400 and 420nm) – Made for Pacific Sun
  • Royal Blue 450nm – Cree
  • Royal Blue 465nm – Cree
  • Blue –  Cree
  • Cyan – Made for Pacific Sun
  • Green – Cree
  • Amber – Made for Pacific Sun
  • Deep Red – Made for Pacific Sun

We will share more information about this fixture when it is available (and hopefully review the unit as well).  Here is a LED spectrograph for the Pandora Hyperion S (supplied by Pacific Sun):


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