Palythoas with Two Mouths

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For most of us who have kept Palythoa, we know they can grow at awesome speeds. Normally, they produce babies at the foot or the base of the animal, but I have occasionally marveled at a rare occurrence of the polyps splitting in two, right through the mouth of the polyp. These polyps will have two mouths for quite some time before splitting into two completely separate polyps. The last one I observed in my tank took about 8 months to completely divide. During that time, growth on the colony as a whole slowed. Could this be a sign of a slower discarded method of reproduction? I’m not really sure, but this process is one that I keep an eye on every time I spot it happening in my tank.

  • Bobby Melton

    I found my love for the ocean at an early age. By kindergarten, I knew I wanted to work in the sea. As the cards were dealt, I am land locked. So, I brought the ocean to me. I’ve been a Local Fish Store (LFS) worker for the last 13 years, and I have never lost my love for the hobby. It’s so much fun! I clean tanks all day long and come home and clean my own. So much to learn! Learning is half the fun!


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