There was a time when I downplayed coral toxin and took very little precaution when handling these beautiful animals.  This was not very long ago.  I have since been taught a valuable and painful lesson, and now have a new respect for this poison.  I also feel the need to pass this along to as many people as possible as I have found little help from the medical field in diagnosing this in many cases from researching hobbyists encounters.  It probably goes misdiagnosed as the flu or fevers caused from normal illness much of the time as the symptoms are very similar, however in my experience, they are more rapid and intense.  Wear protection when working with corals.  Eyes, mouth, hands, etc, and most importantly never touch your bare skin when handling Zoanthid and Palythoa.  The coral I have been affected by numerous times has the common name Purple Death and this is a very fitting name in my opinion.  It is a Palythoa that I assume packs a stronger than average toxin as this one has made me ill even when I was gloved and being very careful.  Just scratching my nose with the gloved hand that handled the coral had provided me with the most recent dose!

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