We have been saying this over and over again, but our point keeps getting proven. Mushroom corals are really coming into their own, and with corals like this Pantsdropper Discosoma from Legendary Corals, it’s hard to focus on other coral types. The ‘shrooms are showing up in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and we’ve grown quite fond of the latest the hobby has to offer. The Pantsdropper, which was shared by Legendary on their Reef2Reef page, was hilariously named because its colors are enough to knock your trousers right off. This approach was taken because apparently when the Jawbreaker mushrooms were first gazed upon, the person’s jaw fell right to the floor. For the Pantsdropper, the situation goes like this…”our pants dropped after changing them when we first laid on this phenomenal shroom.” The colors are astounding to say the least, and any mushroom collector would be in heaven if their got their hands on one. Speaking of that, there will only be one of the PD mushrooms available, but Legendary Corals hasn’t put a price tag on it. Instead, they are fielding offers, accepting the highest one after one week’s time. This approach hasn’t sat well with many Reef2Reefers, but that’s just how the market works MORE: The Pantsdropper Mushroom Coral is an Astounding Discosoma

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