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PAR L.E.D. bulbs have forever changed pico tank lighting for the better, but they have some really fun implications for larger reefs too. Perks include low heat, low energy, compatibility with common sockets and, last but not least, a tight spot pattern. This tight spot pattern makes them perfect for little reefs, but it is also the feature that makes them great additions for larger tanks. PAR bulbs’ ability to drop a concentrated drop of light into deep water makes them the perfect choice for highlighting specific corals and adding new color temperatures to your reef. With careful timer use, PARs can be timed to come on independently during the light cycle adding an ever changing color temperature and intensity to your light cycle. PARs can be had from quite a few lighting companies, but so far my favorites are Sunshine Systems, Nano Tuners and BoostLED.

A little pico action under a PAR 38 by Nano Tuners


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