I have never, ever used LEDs over any of my SPS dominated reef tanks but that is going to change with this peninsula tank. I have had great success with metal halides and supplemental T5’s and, as a result, have stuck with what works.

So I am both a little nervous but also very excited to try something different. I settled on the GHL Mitras since I have had great experiences with GHL products.

Initial Impressions

The first thing I noticed when unpacking the Mitras is the excellent build quality. These German engineered lights are solid, high end pieces of equipment, similar to the other GHL products I own. I do believe quality equates to longevity and that is important since money can be saved over the long run.

What about the light spread? For this model of Mitras, the LX 7206, the spread is thirty inches of coverage on the sides and twenty-eight inches of coverage front to back. Given that my tank is 36” inches wide, I went with six fixtures, two rows of three, to make sure I had complete coverage on the sides of the tank.

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