Peninsula Tank Build – Coral & Fish Food, Supplements and Trace Elements

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Over the years I have not used coral food and amino acids too often with my reef tanks. I did use frozen Cyclopeeze and Reef Nutrition’s Oyster Feast and Roti Feast pretty consistently with my old 225 gallon tank. But I have only used Oyster Feast sparingly with my recent tanks.

Today I tend to get cyano or some other type of undesirable algae like dinoflagelletes when I dose coral food. Usually, I will start using the food when my nutrients bottom out.

I tend to have a heavy hand with food to drive nutrients up and I believe that creates an in-balance in the system, causing the algae outbreaks. Nothing good happens in this hobby when something is done too quickly or in excess.

Feeding the Fish

As for fish food, I usually feed mysis and brine shrimp cubes, pellets as well as nori. My tangs need their veggies and just love nori. My goal is to feed the fish four times per day. I have Anthias and they need to be fed often.



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