Peninsula Tank Build – Maintenance & Husbandry

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Maintenance and tank husbandry are really important for a reef tank and I do not always look forward to it. But I know it has to be done and in the long run it increases the chances for success.

Like past tanks, I have created a maintenance schedule for this new peninsula tank. I have it laid out in excel and it reminds me what needs to be done.

I have weekly, monthly, quarterly and even yearly chores on the list. On a weekly basis I empty and clean out the skimmer cup and do a ten percent water change.

Key Step – Siphoning Detritus

During these water changes I siphon out any detritus that has collected in my Dreambox sump. I also siphon out detritus in the display. Fortunately, it only settles in one spot near the end viewing panel due to the tank’s strong flow.

Additionally, every week I remove any gunk from the filter bags by spraying them with a short garden hose I hook up to the slop sink. Weekly maintenance is also performed on the Pax Bellum ARID algae reactor. Film inside the reactor is wiped off and the chaeto is rinsed in fresh tank water to remove any biofilm.

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