Does Your Pet Suffer from Shark Envy?

by | Jul 24, 2014 | Science | 0 comments

Shark CostumeI’m sure you’re all as excited as I am about the upcoming “Shark Week” starting August 10th (Stefanie, I’m talking to you), but be aware of your four-legged friends whom are sure to feel a pang of jealousy as you stare longingly at your television screen. If you’re unable to mask your adoration for the large predators and your pup wants to join in on the fun, we’ve got a great solution for you, courtesy of Animal Planet!

I’m not gonna lie, I spent the past hour browsing the costumes. The dinosaur ones are excellent! Halloween shall be fun this year, providing my pups cooperate.

Not ones to miss out on all the Shark Madness, other creatures have joined to festivities in their own versions of the magical predator. Enjoy!

image (2)       image (3)

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