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Melev’s Reef

It’s my hope that the information I share will help answer those pesky questions and help you be successful in this hobby. Some videos may be longer to adequately cover the topic, while others are brief moments with eye candy. Subscribe and you won’t miss a beat. Plenty of content in the form of articles, blogs and images can be found on and the search will find answers to most questions.



This is the Youtube Video Channel for, which is a blog and ecommerce website dedicated to reef tank enthusiasts.



Welcome to the channel where it’s all about making Reefing easy! We cover everything form unboxing, product reviews, How To’s, DIY’s , interviews, live streams and educational videos.


Reef Beef

Reef Beef Podcast with Rich and Ben. Two old salts, talk about all things reef in a frank and off the cuff conversation.


Tidal Gardens

Tidal Gardens is a coral farm located in Copley, OH and this is the place to talk about all things reef tank related.



Since 2007, AmericanReef has been providing iTunes users with hundreds of educational video tutorials that allow you to keep a successful coral reef aquarium or saltwater marine tank.


Coral Fish 12g

Hi, I’m George! In every CoralFish12g video I do my best to bring you creative, informative, and fun aquarium videos! I started this adventure almost 10 years ago when I set up my first saltwater tank as a 5th grader. My mission is to educate and inspire people getting into the aquarium hobby. I specifically want to encourage a younger generation to join the hobby, because it has given me so many amazing opportunities.


Reef News Network

Reef News Network is a weekly podcast dedicated to the saltwater and reef keeping hobby.


Reef Dork

My name is Alex, and I am a reefaholic. New videos every Friday at 4pm UK time, 10am Central Standard Time.



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