This video was little rough for me. I edited this in the hospital room and it reminded me of my conversations with fellow clam nut, Jake Adams. I keep hearing him telling me blast it, blast it again and then blast it some more with lights, him proudly telling me about his rare brown clams and coral collections. I hope he likes this.

With that said, we are continuing our clam series and for this video we are going to the headquarter, secret lair, top secret aquaculture facility of ORA to talk about one of the most popular and easiest clam that you can care for in our hobby, deresa clams.

We met up with our buddy Jordan who told us everything we need to know about it, what to avoid, and how to get it to thrive in your little slice of ocean at home. Be sure to check it out, let me know what you guys think and comment below if you have any deresa clam(s) in your aquarium and how long you have had it for. Happy reefing!

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