Prevent a Salty Situation: Which Saltwater Fish Are Compatible?

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saltwater-fish-compatibility-chart-reefsAn aquarium brings colorful life to your home. Fish are fascinating, beautiful creatures to watch and to tend to, but they need kept in the right conditions, including the right space, the right food, the right tank accents…and the right companion. And as the fish of the ocean have to share the same water, so do the fish in your tank — and they’re not always good water fellows. The problem, of course, is that a home aquarium is much, much smaller than the ocean, where different fish have the option to live farther away from other species if they’re incompatible, and even those that chose to live near each other can find or create their own sub-environments. With plenty of options (including the option to relocate altogether), several species of fish and invertebrates can share a small space in peace.

In captivity, fish don’t have the benefit of that space. That, in turn, can lead to all sorts of aquarium problems – from hostility, to disease, and even death. It is crucial that you consider compatibility when deciding on which fish to add to your tank.

This graphic, a collaboration between Ghergich & Co. and Petco, covers nearly all the types of fish and invertebrates you would expect to find at your Local Fish Store. It includes a few facts about each one’s personality and temperament, as well as a handy, easy-to-read compatibility chart. This is a great tool for the beginning or intermediate home aquarist, and could help you to avoid quite a bit of headache and heartbreak.

To view the entire chart, including the “characteristics” section, visit the Petco website HERE.


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