Vertex Aquaristik has recently updated its fluidized bed filter, now on the market in a new updated version, the Rx-U 2.5, which we managed to get in test preview.

The filter construction is outstanding. Completely built in acrylic with PVC white and red outline, which gives him the usual and popular color.

The filter Rx-U 2.5 works in a traditional manner with the sealing cap that allows on the center the water inlet while the output slightly on border. The water before entering finds a tap, useful to choke the flow to your liking, a stratagem that we missed in fluidized bed filter LGMAquari FB2.

The water then enters and runs through the small central red pipe, arrives on the bottom of the reactor and goes back through the classic diffuser drilled. In its journey back to the outside meets two sponges, red also, supplied as standard, which of course may or may not be used depending on the material used in the filter. Finally the treated water runs out through the outlet tube.

The dimensions of the filter are extremely generous:

Total height: 56 cm
Outer cylinder height: 50 cm
Outside diameter: 12 cm
Total capacity of the filter: 5.6 liters
Inner cylinder height: 40.5 cm
Inner cylinder diameter: 10 cm
Maximum capacity of the inner cylinder: 3.2 liters

Pumps are not included with the filter, this in order to allow to choose the pump based on the contents that you want to use in the reactor. Obviously the pump to be used will be quite different if inside the cylinder will be used active carbon, phosphates removal resins rather than biopellet.


We’ll publish our in depth review after some months of using. Stay in touch with us!

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