Product Review: Hanna Instruments HALO2 Wireless pH Tester for Field

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The HALO2 Wireless pH Tester for Field is a nice tool for monitoring and logging your pH and temperature without a controller. The basic datalogging application I used was the Hanna Lab App on my Android phone or tablet. The benefit of monitoring is that you can catch the pH trends of your system over a longer period of time. The portability of this unit is great if you have multiple tanks to examine or if you operate a professional maintenance service. I will be using it as my main pH reference to double check all my probes attached to my controllers and for checking my kalkwasser reactor reservoir for saturation. I have many cheaper pH Pens but they all tend to lose accuracy over time.

The package contains everything to perform 2 instances of 2-point calibration(pH 4.01 and 7.01), probe cleaning fluid, and a small bottle of probe storage solution. The included 3VDC CR2032 battery will last 1000 hours in standalone mode or 500 hours when connected via Bluetooth.

Hanna Lab App Screen Shots

The Hanna Lab App is pretty intuitive and easy to use on my Android phone. I like the idea of using my smart phone for many tools since that’s what I carry around with me all day long. I do not want to carry a separate piece of hardware that may be limited in functionality.

The App setup screen is definitely easier to use than pressing the manual button hidden in the battery compartment.  It allows you to use this wireless pH probe as a datalogger if you do not currently have a controller to capture the data. You can also export the data in 2 file formats (.csv or .pdf) for remote data analysis.


  • Small compact body meets IP65 water resistance protection requirements during constant handling around liquid
  • 2 or 3 point calibration capable
  • Lab grade resolution and accuracy up to 0.01
  • Standalone setup is simple
  • Hanna Lab App is intuitive and makes connecting and setup even easier
  • Great for aquarium maintenance firms or for troubleshooting multiple standalone systems.
  • Durable lab grade unit that can handle constant handling.


  • Pricey option for casual hobbyists
  • Ellery Wong

    Ellery is a mechanical systems engineer at a Fortune 500 technology company. He has automation experience in the automotive, appliance, printing and robotics industries as a product development professional but also has over 35 years of saltwater aquarium experience as a hobbyist. He currently maintains a 9 tank / 540 gallon SPS/LPS/Mixed systems. DIY is his forte!


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