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Two Little Fishies has just released a new product, the PouchFeeder, as part of their expanding feeding-accessories line. Based on the proven design of TLF’s previous fish feeding gadgets, which include various food holding clips, rings, and blocks, PouchFeeder features the well-received magnetic base, and the addition of yet another approach to feeding finicky  aquatic inhabitants.  


PouchFeeder is a very straightforward product, consisting of a rubber magnetic holder and a pouch made of a heavy-duty plastic, mesh-like material. This simple approach and modular design (the in-tank part of the magnet can be used as a stand-alone unit for feeding rings like NewEra Grazer and also is interchangeable with other products from the company) works, and the fact that TLF uses a magnet instead of failure-prone sucking cups only adds to the overall value of the product.



PouchFeeder comes in a sturdy paper box, with company’s logo printed on the front and a short description with photographs of the product on the back. The box contains a magnet and two pouches that attach to the inside part of the magnet, called the Feeder Mount. The pouch is closed on three sides, and food is placed through the top slot. Holes in the pouch are large enough for fish to graze without pulling large chunks through them. Let’s see how it works!


valentini puffer eating from pouchfeeder

I put frozen mysis shrimp in the pouch and placed it on the side panel of my aquarium. At first, fish were vary of the mesh and approached it with caution (smart little buggers). However, all it took to start a feeding frenzy was for one brave fish to take a bite at the pouch. In my tank, that was an always-curious Valentini puffer. As expected, FeederPouch kept the semi-thawed Mysis from immediatelt dispersing throughout the tank, but the shrimps’ tails, poking through the holes, engaged the fish easily. It worked great, and the magnet is strong enough to hold the feeder firmly on glass up to 1/2″ thick.


In summary,  PouchFeeder is yet another interesting product from Two Little Fishies that simply works. Obviously, it is not an all around feeding solution, but it encourages natural grazing behavior in some fish and  provides entertainment for us owners, as we watch our inhabitants figure new ways to grab a bite of their favorite foods. Well done, TLF!

Thanks to Two Little Fishes for providing us with the PouchFeeder for testing. You can find out more about it and other products by visiting TLF website

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