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Super Food is a new powdered dry food from ME Coral designed specifically with large polyp stony corals, clams, zoanthids, and other filter feeding marine animals in mind. The company, known primarily for their other coral supplement, Amino Polyp Xtender, or, as reef keeping aficionados call it “the one that works”, presents this new product to help filter feeding animals in reef aquarium environment stay healthy. Here’s a closer look at what exactly hides inside a plastic jar labeled ME Coral Super Food:

ME Coral Super Food 4oz jar

ME Coral Super Food 4oz jar

Super Food comes in a 4oz white plastic jar with ME Coral’s colorful logo on top, and consists of a blend of freeze dried zooplankton and other small-size crustaceans, with added spirulina algae and amino acids. Ingredients include: rotifers, copepods, daphnia, krill superba, gammarus, zyclops, and mysis, infused with aspartamic and glutamic acids, two of the corals’ most readily-adsorbed amino acids. ME Coral promises only these few ingredients are found inside Super Food, no fillers or preservatives are added in the manufacturing process.


The nutritional analysis results are as follows:

Protein (min) 60%

Fat (min) 16%

Fiber (max) 4%

Ash (max) 6%

Moisture (max) 3%

Super Food is meant to be mixed with water and added directly to the water column, preferably with the skimmer turned off. It can also be used in conjunction with Amino Polyp Xtender, where the later is added first to induce feeding response from target corals.


In my observations while using ME Coral Super Food, I found that quite a few corals, mainly a War Coral Favia, branching soft corals, and most zoanthids react to it with visible feeding response like tentacles extending and mouths wide open. The particle size varies from around 1 mm to microscopic and does float freely provided there is enough flow in the tank.


ME Coral Super Food is a rich in protein and amino acids dry food that offers a good choice for supplemental coral feeding in a reef tank. It can be purchased directly through the manufacturer’s website or in many online and brick & mortar stores around the country


To learn more about the product, visit manufacturer’s page and “Like” their Facebook page.

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