Prototype Cubic™ Home Jellyfish Aquarium by Cubic™

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Prototype Cubic™ Home Jellyfish Aquarium by Cubic™

Prototype Cubic™ Home Jellyfish Aquarium

Cubic™ is a relatively new company based out of the United Kingdom that specializes in unique saltwater aquarium systems for jellyfish and non-photosynthetic (azooxanthellete) corals. In addition, they also manufacture equipment such as media reactors, protein skimmers, and other filtration devices that are staples in the hobby with a unique spin to their design.

One new item that they’ve been developing for well over a year is a unique tank specifically designed for jellyfish.  This particular tank measures 23.6″ x 23.6″ x 9.8″ and contains three moon jellies, Aurelia aurita. The design is based off of a kreisel aquarium which keeps the jellies suspended in the tank but away from the filtration intake area.

From their blog post:

When designing this aquarium, an emphasis was placed on build quality and usability. High quality cast acrylic is used throughout. The aquarium is designed to be silent running, allowing you to relax whilst watching your hypnotic jellyfish effortlessly pulsing around the tank.

The LED lighting system was custom designed by Light Synergy, a UK based lighting company who specialize in unique LED lighting systems. You can change the colour and intensity of the light by remote control from your chair. A specific colour can be selected, or the lights can be set to slowly fade through an infinite range of colours.

In addition, Cubic™ will be using Italian-made New-Jet pumps for water circulation in this system as they have found them to be reliable and quality pumps.

As these are prototypes, they are not yet available for purchase.  However if you would like to either obtain more information on the tank or be put on the waiting list for one, send an email to Cubic™ at [email protected] and they’ll notify you when the tanks are ready.  Also you’ll be given the option for a 10% pre-order discount by being placed on their waiting list.

In addition, they are also compiling a LFS directory of stores that sell jellyfish.  If you know of one or are a LFS that carries jellies, please email them at the above-mentioned email address to be added to their directory.

Also, if you are interested in keeping jellies, we reviewed Chad Widmer’s How to Keep Jellies in Aquariums which goes into detail on tanks, species, and specific husbandry skills. This book would be a great item to buy before setting up a jelly tank.

(via Cubic Aquarium Systems)


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