unnamedFollowing the trend of energy efficiency, condensed technology and the love of all things shiny and new, California-based AquaticLife is introducing the PULSE Reef LED fixture to their current lighting lineup! The 275 watt unit is both aesthetically appealing and powerful – a combination of Actinic, blue, pink and 12,000k LEDs deliver a high PAR rating while the built-in computer and timer allows for user-friendly programming, all squeezed into a slim 1-1/4″ profile. The timer features a battery backup so in the event of the power outage, all of your time spent tinkering getting the perfect ratio of daylight, moonlight and storm functions for your happy reef is not lost. 

The Pulse is designed for 48-inch aquariums but the adjustable mounts will securely fit any tank between 46.75 and 55.75 inches. Alternatively, suspension hardware can be purchased separately if you prefer a hanging unit. The handsome, aluminum alloy housing encases multiple thermostatically controlled fans to keep both the unit and remote power supply cool. To check all of the specs and features of the sleek new Pulse (with video!), as well as ordering information, follow this link!

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