R.O.E. – Real Oceanic Eggs: a new product from Reef Nutrition

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R.O.E. – Real Oceanic Eggs: a new product from Reef Nutrition

R.O.E., Real Oceanic Eggs: a new product from Reef Nutrition

Reef Nutrition (and Advanced Aquarist sponsor) just announced their latest premium feed offering this weekend: R.O.E. – Real Oceanic Eggs.

R.O.E. is a premium fish and invertebrate food that is ideal for feeding both fish and marine invertebrates and ranges in size from 0.7 mm to 1.5 mm in diameter. The eggs are primarily from Atlantic cod (Gadus spp.) and range in color from pinkish to orange and tan, which is natural for cod roe. There are no additional coloring agents added.

R.O.E. is easy to use; it is a refrigerated roe concentrate which means you can simply pull it out of the refrigerator and feed your animals quickly and easily without having to thaw anything. A little goes a long way. Your tank inhabitants will love it.

According to Reef Nutrition, containers of R.O.E. will come in 6 oz, 16 oz, and 32 oz containers for hobbyists. If someone needs more, APBreed will sell 10 liter volumes of R.O.E. as well.

R.O.E. will be available this fall, possibly in time for DFW MACNA 2012 and will reportedly sell for a minimum advertised price of $20.99 for a 6 oz container.

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