Rabaulichthys suzukii: A Majestic Sailfin Anthias

Stunning may be an understatement

Rabaulichthys sp. are deepwater species commonly found below 100 ft (30m).  These sailfin anthias were reportedly collected in the Northern Philippines close to Southern Japan.  We are happy to report they acclimated very well and were quickly feeding on dried and frozen food.

Before I get our Anthias aficionados’ hopes up, the six R.suzukii Coraltheory.com acquired have all been sold; We are informed they quickly sold for $150 each (a very low price considering their rarity and beauty).  But let’s celebrate with the next best thing: these photos of a remarkable anthias species!

Make sure to also check out Matt Wandell’s video blog of displaying Rabaulichthys sp. at Steinhart Aquarium.





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