Rainfordia opercularis VIDEO from Blue Harbor, Japan

Raindfordia opercularis at Blue Harbor

Rainfordia opercuarlis is endemic to Australia and is rarely seen in nature and virtually never seen in captivity due to its cryptic lifestyle.  Similar to its cousins in the genus Liopropoma, this monospecific species dwells in caves and narrow ledges of sheltered, inner reefs.  Its unique depressed,flattened head – with wide mouth and eyes set close to the mouth – has likely evolved for this particular habitat. Not much is known about R.opercularis, so hopefully this captive specimen will give us more insight into its behavior.  It’s a truly fascinating fish!


(note: If the embedded video is choppy in Internet Explorer, click the youtube button at the bottom right of each video to watch the video in youtube.  Advanced Aquarist recommends Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Apple Safari web browsers.)

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