For those of you not familiar with Reef Culture Technologies (RCT) the company, founded by Frank Baensch, developed a breakthrough culture technology in 2001 for pygmy angelfishes, the most popular and prized group of aquarium fish in the trade, making the first ever captive-bred dwarf angelfishes available to the hobbyist.

C. fisheri by Frank Baensch

95-day old juvenile Bandit angelfish by Frank Baensch

In news released last month RCT is changing their focus from pygmy angels to other species of marine fish families to determine their culture feasibility, as well as to learn more about their spawning biology in the wild and their early life history in captivity.

The objective is to develop one culture technology for a diversity of marine fish larvae.

To date 11 species have been reared through settlement and many others have been raised through various stages of development.

RCT is still awaiting species level identification for most specimens and will be updating their site with more information about their findings as it becomes available. We are anxiously awaiting news of how this technology works with other species.

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