I want to reintroduce an old, forgotten, but incredibly effective and safe technology back to the hobby. In this video, I’ll show you guys a different type of denitrifier that utilizes bacteria ‘fueled’ by methanol (sorry had to) that will eat away at the nitrates to convert them into nitrogen gas. It polishes your water in the process and makes it clean and pristine, which your fish and corals will definitely appreciate.

First introduced by Adolf of Natureef back in the 1990s, this simple and effective unit was viewed as complicated, ahead of the time, and under-advertised for what it was capable of. It was ultimately forgotten over the years.

However, luckily for us,  old school reefers who had experienced major success using this method had not forgotten about this hidden gem. Since Adolf was local to me, our reef club president Dr. David Thompson as well as several others were familiar with and was still utilizing this unit, improving it over the years to make it easier and safer to run. A few months ago, I was surprised to see one at my friend, Rogger Castell’s, house; I had to check it out and was quite impressed with how well and effective the unit worked, as he’s constantly feeding his frozen blend in the tank with massive amount of fish. When I saw how much more visually appealing the design is now, I had to get made one for myself.

Rogger referred me to his friend and expert custom fabricator, Chris at American Aquariums (American-aquarium.com or https://www.instagram.com/american_aquarium/ ) in Miami and he made a one of a kind denitrifier for me, and the results were undeniably extremely positive. With laboratory results in hand of before and after, check out my journey into methanol denitrifiers here!


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