Red and White Version of the ReefBrite Aquaviewer LED Magnifying Glass Shipping Soon!

The ReefBrite Aquaviewer … soon available in red and white LED!

Last week, our friends at posted a short report of the Reefbrite Aquaviewer as showcased at the Marine Aquarium Expo 2011 (Costa Mesa, CA).  In our linkback to their report, I mentioned my preference for red and white LEDs (currently only available in blue and white).  This would allow for the best night-time viewing.  I’ve been told this has been a popular feedback expressed by many hobbyists … and Reefbrite has listened: A new red and white LED version of their Aquaviewer magnifying glass is on its way!  The price will remain the same as the blue and white version (currently $49.99 at Premium Aquatics)

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