Many hobbyists are familiar with Red Sea MAX aquariums.  MAX aquariums are “plug & play” reef aquarium systems, complete with tank, stand, canopy, lighting, protein skimming, chemical and mechanical filtration, and circulation.  The current MAX line consists of two sizes: a 34 gallon (130L) and a 66 gallon (250L).

The New MAX S-Series

Red Sea has now announced the addition of three more aquariums to their MAX lines.  The new S-Series Aquariums will consist of three larger sizes: S400 (400 liters/100 gallons), S500 (500 liters/130 gallons), and S650 (650 liters/170 gallons).

The S-Series differ in several significant ways from their smaller siblings:

  • All S-Series MAX aquariums now employ sumps (including all the necessary overflow, plumbing, and return pump).  The current, smaller MAX aquariums have behind-the-tank compartments.
  • Each system is skimmed by a Red Sea C-Skim protein skimmer.
  • All S-Series MAX aquariums are illuminated by 10 x T5 (5 x 10,000K + 5 x actinic) + LED moonlights.
  • The S-Series will be available in six different finishes/trims.
  • Read Red Sea’s official brochure for the full run-down on the S-Series MAX Aquariums.


The S-Series in white finish

Availability and Price

Red Sea plans to ship the S-Series to UK shops in September, with retail availability in October.  We have no word on when the rest of the world might start seeing the S-Series but will keep you updated upon wider release.

Pricing is as follows:

  • S400: £3000
  • S500: £3500
  • S650: £4000

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