There are a few elite companies in this industry that consistently have must see booths; they demand our attention at every trade show because of their amazing and efficient products, and because of their fun, engaging, and attractive booths.

Neptune Systems has become one of those companies with their innovative products, friendly and knowledgeable reps, dazzling digital displays, and beautiful display tanks that show the flexibility of their units and module accessories that help us to be not only successful but get “in control” of things so that we can just enjoy our aquariums.

For this video, I got together with my friend Terence Fugazzi of Neptune Systems to talk about a few things. We first talked about the fabled unicorn, Trident, and then got into it and talked about their latest releases in ATK V2 and new pmup.

Take a seat and see what Terence had to tell us!

Happy reefing!

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