Reef A Palooza Orlando 2018 Coverage : Clearwater Scrubber

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As I was walking the show floor of Reef A Palooza, I became intrigued by a red and blue light that caught the corner of my eye, and was surprised to learn that it was coming from an algae scrubber by Clear Water Scrubbers. I’m no stranger to algae scrubbers; in fact, I have been utilizing algae scrubber for close to 2 years now with great success. I feed extremely heavy and it’s what I rely on, along with my skimmer, to properly export excess nutrients in my system. I struck up a conversation with the owner of the company, and was pleased to learn about the knowledge and the R & D that went into developing this product.
Did you know that SB Reef Lights developed their new spectrum of lights? They got to the science of identifying just what type of algae that turf algae is, and found the proper spectrum of lighting that will grow it most effectively. Did you know that they are the only scrubber being sold by BRS and Marine Depot? BRS actually awarded this product with its “Best of 2017 Award in Filtration” last year.
There are some naysayers of scrubbers or algae in reef tanks in general, and we addressed that as well. I happen to have a footage from the master himself, Julian Sprung of Two Little Fishies, explaining his views on the topic.
Check out this footage, hopefully learn something from it, and maybe consider utilizing one in your own system.

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