In this episode we have the Bay Area Reefers as a live audience as we answer their questions.

Time Stamps

00:00:00 Intro
00:02:42 New with Ben
00:04:21 New with Rich
00:05:48 H2OPlayar: Old Detritus
00:12:02 SPONSOR:
00:14:23 H2OPlayar: Tank Stability
00:19:21 Mo: Disturbing Substrate & Detritus
00:25:46 John: Cleaning Detritus
00:29:16 Ben is a hair model?
00:34:21 SPONSOR: Biota Aquariums
00:36:42 Pablo: How to volcano your skimmer.
00:40:16 Underwater Ninja: Velvet & Fallow Period
00:50:09 SUPPORT Reef Beef
00:52:03 Aaron: Dipping fish in FW
00:53:39 John: Cleaning Glass
00:58:14 Live Questions
01:23:57 Wrap Up
01:24:52 Bloopers

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Detritus with the Bay Area Reefers – Episode 48

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