Reef Candies: MACNA 2018 Edition Part III

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Here it is, part III of Reef Candies: MACNA Edition- more beautiful aquariums and more mindblowing coral frags to make you drool. As I write this, knowing that we’re getting to the end of MACNA coverage, I’m already feeling nostalgic for the show, its unique atmosphere, and the people I had a pleasure to meet while attending. I’d like for you to see this series as a portal where, through pictures, you can go back and re-live the best memories of MACNA 2018 in Las Vegas. I hope to see you all next year in Orlando!

For this episode’s feature, I’ve selected the beautiful display tank of Live Aquaria, featuring the company’s own salt mix, which they were promoting at the show. The rimless aquarium, built by Red Sea, was a showstopper on its own, but what really shined was the Live Aquaria livestock selection and the gorgeous aquascaping skills that made this reef one of the best displays of the show. Just take a look:

Other vendors:




Stay tuned for the final episode of Reef Candies: MACNA Edition. Thanks for reading!

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