Reef Kids: 3D Paper Models

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happy paper sea turtle davana - reefs

I love toys and games that foster teamwork, like wooden train tracks, Legos, puzzles, and even art supplies. I’ll take an experience over an object any day, and, when I am shopping for kids’ presents, I look for something that will encourage a conversation and build a memory. I came across these hyper-realistic 3D paper model kits by Happy Paper yesterday while putzing around online and daydreaming about the upcoming (might as well accept it) holidays; they would make great gifts for both children and adults.

happy paper emperor penguin davana - reefsDesigned and produced in Seoul, Korea, these beautiful, life-like models are easy to assemble; the pieces are pre-cut and the instructions are very easy to follow. You just need glue and a pair of tweezers and you’re ready to go. The kits can take up to four hours to assemble, which translates to just the right amount of time for spending a cozy afternoon or evening together. As Mi gyeong, a mother from Seoul Safe says, it’s “As cute as a plush toy but more interactive for my kids.”

happy paper whale shark davana - reefsThe kits are affordable – now through the beginning of September, they’re on sale for $14.99; after that, they’ll return to their (very reasonable) price of $20.00 each. And the company is committed to education and the environment – the paper is all recycled, and the toy is designed to improve a child’s spatial intelligence and awareness. Really, its one of the most perfect gifts out there!


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