Reef Market: MACNA Women Edition

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Jeans, a tee-shirt, and comfy shoes are my go-to uniform for MACNA during the day – I know that I’ll be on my feet for hours, and I want to be as comfortable as possible.  TOMS sneakers davana - reefsLightweight slip-ons, like these from TOMS, are perfect for the weekend. They have a ton of different colors, prints, and styles on their website, and for every shoe purchased, TOMS donates a pair of shoes to a child in need. To date, they have donated over 45 million pairs of shoes, which supports improved health, access to education, and higher self esteem.

blue dress davana - reefsNow, you CAN get away with wearing jeans to the gala dinner, but it’s so much more fun to get a little dressed up. A figure-flattering dress that you can comfortably eat, drink, and be merry in makes for a pleasant evening…that may end up lasting till the wee hours of the morning.  This blue wrap dress from fresh produce is easy – I’d wear it with heels to dinner, and then change into a cute pair of wedges or sandals for the rest of the night.  Or, if you prefer something a little more structured, consider the straightforward little black dress pictured below. It’s from ZARA, and it can be worn all winter long paired with some cozy tights and a heeled boot. But whatever you decide to wear, I recommend bringing a sweater or wrap with you to dinner; it can get chilly sometimes in those huge banquet halls.

black dress zara davana - reefs

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