Around this time every year, the folks over at Reef Nutrition start cooking up a new flavor of deliciousness for your reef.  We’ve previously mentioned their new R.O.E. product, which will be on display at MACNA in Dallas next week, but to add to the excitement, we just got a sneak peek of their new Artemia product that is due out this Fall.  The “Nutrition” in the company name is not just for marketing, these brine shrimp are super gut loaded with saltwater phytoplankton in salt pond farms in Australia, ensuring that they are one of the most nutritious things you can feed your fish and corals.  Gone are the days of keeping some live brine alive until they die and smell up your home, these tasty morsels are packed with beta-carotene and can be safely refrigerated long enough for you to use them up.  We can’t wait to get a bottle of this to see how excited our fish get, if you use the RN products you know how crazy they get the first they see the new foods hit the water!

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