Reef Octopus eSsence Protein Skimmer

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Those of us who have been in the marine aquarium hobby for any length of time have probably heard of Reef Octopus.  Reef Octopus has about 100 different models of skimmers, or so it seems, and they have added another one called the eSsence.  The eSsence has some unique features not found on other more expensive skimmer models but it comes in with a price tag that won’t make your spouse run out of the house screaming like a banshee.

Some of the new features included in this uniquely designed eSsence Skimmer:

Integrated Neck Silencer – reduces noise by about 12% vs. traditional silencers.
Vortex Churn – Increases bubble dwell in the reaction chamber.
Twist and Lift Collection Cup – Much easier to remove than some collection cups.
16 Step Water Level Adjustment – Precisely adjusts water level in the sump.
Even Flow Output – Increases skimmer consistency and performance.
Quick Release Access – Cuts down on service and cleaning times.
Footprint: 8.3″ x 6.9″ | Body Diameter: 6″ | Height: 20.5″
Powered by: Reef Octopus Aquatrance 1800s Pinwheel Pump @ only 11 watts
Rated for aquariums between 75 gallons and 160 gallons.


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